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How a Great Vending Service Takes Care of You and Your Machine

How a Great Vending Service Takes Care of You and Your Machine

Vending machines make access to food and drink convenient, but they need ongoing attention to stay operational. Regular maintenance, consistent restocking, and occasional repairs take time away from other tasks you need to handle. Partnering with a vending service that does it all for you provides the benefits of vending without any of the drawbacks — as long as your service provider is doing a good job. Here’s what to look for when a great service provider performs your vending machine maintenance.

Consistent and Proactive Restocking

Your vending machine needs inventory to be useful! It also needs to have expired products removed and to have stock regularly updated with new options. If your vending service isn’t keeping your machine full, it’s time to start looking for one who will. S Vending Solutions takes it a step further by placing customers on a regular schedule for delivery. Instead of someone coming by when you call about the machine being low, a good vending partner is proactive so you’re never running on empty.

Regular Maintenance

Like any other large electronic device, vending machines need to be tuned up and monitored. Your vending machine service company should regularly inspect machines to catch potential issues and get them fixed before they become a problem. This includes checking temperature regulation, payment systems, and dispensing mechanisms. They should also be familiar with the models of machines they provide so they can swiftly perform their work and minimize machine downtime.

Quick Diagnosis and Repairs

It happens – even the best equipment breaks. Your vending service provider should be able to respond quickly and fix the problem. The longer your service provider takes to respond and address the issue, the longer your team or customers go without access to food and drink. Delayed repairs can be a huge problem.  Look for a service that can respond to any service issue the very day it occurs.

Prompt Communication and Customer-Centric Policies

Any time you have a question, request, or issue, the vending service should be easy to contact. Prompt responses to calls or messages mean your needs are met quickly and demonstrate true customer service. Whether you’re looking to change some inventory or have a problem looked at, it shouldn’t take moving mountains to get an answer. The company’s policies around customer service should focus on making you a priority. You should feel supported and important, not just a number. Let’s say you call to ask about changing out a certain brand of chips and replacing it with something else – a good vending service will say yes and make it happen. It shouldn’t take a week of deliberating with a manager just to make a small change. That’s where SVS goes beyond the norm, empowering our staff to do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Maintaining vending machines can be time-consuming and challenging for businesses. Taking care of a vending machine is a hassle, especially if you’re not an expert in their inner workings. Combined with regular restocking and the occasional repair, vending machine maintenance consumes time you don’t have to spare.

Learning how to maintain a vending machine isn’t high on most people’s list of interests. This is where vending machine service providers come in handy. S Vending Solutions offers comprehensive maintenance, including routine cleaning, restocking, and repairs. By hosting a machine instead of buying one, you can focus on your core business activities and still have the convenience of easy-to-access food for customers or employees. SVS handles all of the operations, maintenance, and repairs — there’s no cost or service fees, ever.

At S Vending Solutions, we make ourselves available to you, meaning you’ll never wait days to hear back. Want to switch out a product? One phone call is all it takes, and there’s no need for the decision to go through a chain of command — our people are empowered to make it happen for you. With frequent and regular service, your vending machine will never go empty or be filled with stale items. If you’ve had trouble contacting your current provider or if they don’t prioritize your business with their service, then SVS may be the perfect solution for you.

To set up a convenient vending machine service near Nashville for your workplace, school, or facility, submit a quick form, and you could have the perfect vending solution in place in a day!

Steve Caldwell
Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is the owner and CEO of S Vending Solutions. As a former vending equipment salesman and later the National Sales Manager for PBS Vending Services from 2001-2008, Steve learned the industry inside and out. In 2018, Steve started his own vending company and quickly established routes in Nashville, Knoxville, and West Tennessee, expanding from there. As his personal routes grew he decided to sell his company and help new and existing vending operators market their businesses. Steve currently sells both new and used vending equipment and specializes in helping new operators start and grow their vending companies. He has become a certified Service Entity for the USI/Wittern brand of equipment.

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