We Provide Break Room Solutions For Locations Across The South!

From small vending machines to micro markets, we help keep your employees, teams, and customers supplied with fuel to embrace the day. We keep up with inventory and stocking so that you never have to give it a second thought. You’ll never worry about costs or fees for having the vending machine, and snackers will have the convenience of paying through digital methods, credit cards, or cash.

Offering Practical Solutions To Your Break Room Problems.

Our customers are as unique as there are snack and beverage options to choose from.
We offer vending and micro-market solutions to meet the needs of those you serve.

Modern vending machines that dispense everything: snacks, cold food, and drinks, all with user-friendly interfaces that don’t require fumbling with coins. We keep them stocked so your staff, team, or students never get hangry!

Smaller than a convenience store but still more convenient, the micro market creates options to purchase food as well as keep it cold or heat it up. Micro markets give buyers the option to have something more than a candy bar for breakfast. 

A constant supply of coffee, creamer, and sugar along with refreshing cold water is important for industries with long hours and hard workers. We take the burden off of you by replenishing these on a regular schedule so you’ll never have to worry about uncaffeinated staff!

Want to take things into your own hands and purchase a vending machine of your own? We’ll help you choose the right vending equipment and walk you through financing options to make it even easier. 

Our clients are our priority—no matter the market or business, we are dedicated to providing the same excellence you deliver on a daily basis. From healthcare to schools to hotels and beyond, we tailor our vending machine and micro market solutions to meet customer needs. No matter the size of the business or space, you deserve a custom solution to serve food and drink without sacrificing the quality of the product for the sake of convenience. The days of dilapidated vending machines with expired candy bars as the only option are over. With best-in-the-business equipment, easy payment systems, straightforward pricing without fees, and clockwork deliveries, you’ll always be treated well with SVS!

What Sets SVS Apart?

SVS is a family owned and operated vending business with over 25 years of experience. Over the years, we realized that providing quality machines stocked with viable meal and snack options is an essential component in employee satisfaction. We also recognized that many small to mid size businesses are often overlooked and neglected by their food and beverage service provider. At SVS, we prioritize the needs of all of our customers, regardless of their size. Our dedication to providing top of the line equipment, stocked with quality products, and consistent regular service sets us apart from the competition.

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