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Three Ways Vending Solutions Enhance Employee Experience

Three Ways Vending Solutions Enhance Employee Experience

You’ve been at your desk all day handling issues, responding to emails, and working on tasks. Your stomach growls, reminding you it’s been a while since breakfast. Realizing you left lunch at home and there’s no time to drive anywhere, you need something quick and satisfying. Rifling through your desk, you come up empty handed. You’re left with no choice but to be distracted by hunger the rest of the day instead of focusing on your work.

Sound familiar? If your workplace is a food desert, it could impact the productivity, happiness, and healthiness of your staff. Having food and drink employee vending machines is a great way to avoid those problems.

How Do Vending Machines Help People at Work?

  1. Convenience: The easy availability of food and drinks in the office means that if there’s limited time to eat or you’re far away from restaurants, employees still have options other than bringing food from home. We’ve all forgotten our lunch before and know how miserable it is to feel ravenous the rest of the day. Focusing on work is nearly impossible when you’re hungry. A vending machine for office staff or employees makes it convenient for them to fuel up and stay satisfied. Modern vending machines, like the ones we supply at S Vending Solutions, can be filled with all types of products. There are various cold food options that range from pizza and burgers to wraps and fruit cups. Machines can also be stocked with beverages that include soda, water, coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks, and more. Maybe your staff craves something sweet or salty – all sorts of candies, chips, and pastries will be at their disposal. Employees aren’t limited by needing cash or change for the machine—payment methods on vending machines are more convenient than ever. Newer models of vending machines take credit cards or digital payment methods right from your phone.
  2. Socialization: Vending machines are also an opportunity to create interactions between staff. People from different departments may meet or cross paths while getting a bite to eat who would otherwise never interact. It’s an excellent method of improving relationships and connections in the workplace. These moments also allow the brain to step away from work for a bit, leading to renewed focus afterwards.
  3. Caffeine Boost: Food isn’t the only thing vending machines can distribute.
  4. Vending coffee machines for office settings have grown in popularity as an easy alternative to driving to a coffee shop for a midday pick-me-up. Having something more than the usual pot of old, burnt coffee is a great perk for any office. Even if your staff go through gallons of coffee each day, there are services that can keep up with high volumes of use.

What Is the Advantage of Vending Service?

S Vending Solutions is a free service for your business and employees.  We maintain and  stock your equipment allowing you and your employees to be more productive and happier while at work. This means your employees stay well fed and hydrated so you don’t have to worry about their well being.  With SVS, there’s modern machines, timely product deliveries, and an emphasis on making sure our customers are taken care of. The convenience of our services paired with the lack of fees makes having vending machines effortless.

The benefits of vending machines are numerous, and the options are extensive. Improve your company culture and show your staff you’re looking out for them by contacting us for a no-strings quote at or submit a request through our website.

Steve Caldwell
Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is the owner and CEO of S Vending Solutions. As a former vending equipment salesman and later the National Sales Manager for PBS Vending Services from 2001-2008, Steve learned the industry inside and out. In 2018, Steve started his own vending company and quickly established routes in Nashville, Knoxville, and West Tennessee, expanding from there. As his personal routes grew he decided to sell his company and help new and existing vending operators market their businesses. Steve currently sells both new and used vending equipment and specializes in helping new operators start and grow their vending companies. He has become a certified Service Entity for the USI/Wittern brand of equipment.

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