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Feed Your People Faster With Office Micro Markets

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What Is a
Micro Market?

Micro markets offer a convenient shopping experience at your location with options like frozen entrees, fresh sandwiches, hot coffee, and more! For businesses that operate day and night, a micro market ensures a variety of food options are available at all times. SVS will keep your market well-stocked and provide all the necessary equipment.
The SVS Difference

Customized Convenience

Convenient self-checkout means round-the-clock service without staffing. Whether you work a night shift or need a midday snack, our micro markets offer several snacks, drinks, and cold food products that are readily available any time of the day. Customized to fit any space, and installed in just a couple hours, how you choose to outfit your micro market is up to you.

Do you want to provide full meal solutions or on-the-go snacks?

No matter your needs, we have machines that will set your micro market up for success. As with all of our vending solutions, we take the work off your plate by keeping the micro market stocked, maintaining your machines, and swiftly enacting your requests for new products.

Healthy Solutions

For many people, a micro market serves as their one-stop-shop for breakfast, lunch, & dinner several days a week. Your micro market can be stocked with nutritious options like:

Your micro market can be stocked with:

  • Sandwiches & Wraps

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Trays

  • Yogurt & Cottage Cheese

  • Cold or Frozen Meals for Reheating

Inclusive food and drink options are also available for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Getting a micro market for your business, workplace, or educational facility is simple, easy, and completely free. There are no costs or fees for this service—SVS maintains, repairs, and stocks the market without you ever receiving a bill.

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