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How Can Vending Solutions Address Food Allergies at Your Workplace?

How Can Vending Solutions Address Food Allergies at Your Workplace?

Food allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent, with nearly 1 in 10 adults suffering from some version, making it essential for workplaces to accommodate employees with dietary restrictions when possible. Those with food allergies often feel left out when they look at options and see nothing they can have. Feeling excluded in the workplace leads to resentment and upset. Employees may also worry about exposure to ingredients that could be dangerous—what if they accidentally eat something that causes a reaction? When they’re hungry and don’t have anything stashed in a desk or in their bag, they may have to go hungry for fear of contamination. The convenience and benefits of vending machines are void when there’s nothing in there that is safe for someone to consume. What you may not realize is that vending solutions within the workplace can effectively address food allergies, providing options that are readily available and clearly identified as safe from possible exposures. Not only is this convenient for those affected by food allergies, but it demonstrates the employer’s willingness to create an inclusive environment for staff. Showing employees you’re listening to their needs and thinking critically about how to meet them can go a long way.

Types of Food Allergies and How Vending Services Can Accommodate

The most common forms of food allergies include issues with peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish, eggs, fish, sesame, and soy.

Food allergies can range in severity from mild to life-threatening, and the seriousness is enough that the United States Food and Drug Administration requires all foods to be labeled for any major allergens they contain, including ingredients that are derived from those sources. Many of these ingredients are found in typical vending machine offerings, and it can be hard to read the labels when the product is inside the machine. Even if a product doesn’t directly have one of those components, it’s not uncommon for their production to take place in a facility where cross-contamination is possible. Most foods will include warnings if that’s possible, but it’s not always easy to tell at first glance. Imagine how it would feel to buy food you thought was safe, only to read otherwise on the label when you pull it out of the machine—you’d likely not want to take the risk.

With a vending machine service like S Vending Solutions, you are able to tailor the food within the machine exactly how you need it. If you know a staff member has a specific type of allergy, you can work with the service provider to ensure any products with that ingredient are not stocked in the machine at any time. If you want to cover all bases, vending machines for offices can be supplied with only products that are free of the nine major allergens. This is a clear-cut method to make choosing inventory straightforward. A good vending service provider may have a curated selection already identified for customers looking to make their workplace allergy friendly.

Upgraded vending machines may have additional support for offering safe foods. A machine that can vend cold foods like sandwiches and wraps may be less likely to contain common allergens. It also provides a wider variety of lunch options for busy days. Certain machines may be capable of providing a digital menu, using technology to make it easier for snackers to review labels. With the convenience of digital pay systems that use mobile phones, employees don’t have to handle cash or coins, which may also have been in contact with potential allergens. If you’re really looking to upgrade, you could consider a micro market. These are set up like miniature convenience stores and provide the ability for employees to thoroughly inspect products and labels, giving greater comfort that they can choose the food they’ll be safe with. The micro markets also allow for a larger volume and variety of foods to better accommodate your staff.

Identifying the vending machine as offering allergy-free options is easy to do with a sticker or some form of signage. If the machine is tailored to be completely free of a certain ingredient, that would be simple to call out. Another approach would be to provide a card or laminated sheet on the vending machine to note what products are in the machine, which are allergen friendly, and an image of the ingredient label for each product. This would allow employees to clearly examine the product before purchase, giving them peace of mind it will meet their needs. Your vending machine service can also organize items within the vending machine by type, such as including peanut-free items in the top row, egg-free items in the second row, and so on.

As part of your planning process, it’s important to gather information from your employees to make certain you’ll be able to meet their needs. Let them know you’re implementing a vending machine service, and ask them to provide you with any food allergies that impact them. This will help you ensure the choices you make will meet the needs of your team. You may want to also ask them for recommendations—are there certain foods and brands they know are safe for their allergy? What foods would they like to see in the machine? Gathering input and passing it along to your vending service provider helps them keep the machine filled with things people will not only be able to eat, but will want to eat!

Benefits of Improving Allergy-Safe Food Options

Reduction in incidences of allergic reactions or concerns of exposure is one of the main reasons to change your existing food strategy or establish a new one. By eliminating known ingredients that are common allergens from the office, you reduce the risk of someone suffering a serious medical event. Even for less severe allergies, exposure to a trigger food can lead to illness and impact work tasks.

We’ve all had days where we get to work and realize we forgot our food on the counter at home. For food allergy sufferers, this is extremely problematic since they can’t just eat whatever is handy. Having allergy-safe foods easily accessible reduces the time spent leaving the office to find something they can eat, meaning their day is more productive.

Added to that, employees will appreciate that steps have been taken to meet their health needs. All people want their needs to be heard, and seeing their input in action goes a long way toward a morale boost. Those who deal with food sensitivities of any degree want to feel included, and this shows that you are thinking of their needs and well-being.

How Vending Service Providers Make Allergy-Safe Vending Simple

Working with a professional vending solutions provider like S Vending Solutions provides you with several advantages. The partnership allows you to implement allergen-free options with less work on your part. Tell your vendor the specific allergies you’re concerned about and they can do the work of making the menu match your requirements. You’ll easily be able to make changes with S Vending Solutions with a simple phone call. No red tape or escalations to a supervisor, since our staff are empowered to deliver menu changes whenever you call.

A good vending service company will also ensure that the stock remains full and can help clearly identify what is in each product so that your staff can enjoy it without worry. SVS provides comprehensive fulfillment without upfront costs, so you don’t have to worry about buying the machine or paying a large sum to get food into the machine.

Vending machine servicing is a part of our package as well. Our machines are inspected and fine-tuned at regular intervals so you don’t have to add caring for another piece of equipment to your responsibilities. We use high-quality machines that include iVend Guaranteed Delivery so stuck snacks are a rarity—but we’re only a phone call away whenever you need us.

If you’re an employer or business owner looking for a vending machine service near Nashville that will go the extra mile to customize your options, you’ve come to the right place. S Vending Solutions will partner with you to implement vending solutions that will keep your employees safe and happy. You simply let us know what you need, and we take care of it—no worrying about keeping the machine stocked, performing maintenance, or paying an upfront cost. We take the weight off of you, and your employees benefit from safe snacks that help them be productive and focused. Get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll discover the best solution for you. Email us at or contact us through our easy website form. Whether you want to avoid one allergen or many, we’ll set your office up with a selection that suits their needs and delivers happiness with every bite.

Steve Caldwell
Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is the owner and CEO of S Vending Solutions. As a former vending equipment salesman and later the National Sales Manager for PBS Vending Services from 2001-2008, Steve learned the industry inside and out. In 2018, Steve started his own vending company and quickly established routes in Nashville, Knoxville, and West Tennessee, expanding from there. As his personal routes grew he decided to sell his company and help new and existing vending operators market their businesses. Steve currently sells both new and used vending equipment and specializes in helping new operators start and grow their vending companies. He has become a certified Service Entity for the USI/Wittern brand of equipment.

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