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Why Offer Office Vending Solutions?

Hungry people make for grumpy people—whether it’s staff, students, or visitors. Having food close by means no one has to go hungry or thirsty. Providing snack and drink options at your school, workplace, or business is difficult if you don’t have the time to keep a vending machine stocked on top of your other obligations. What if you could host a vending machine that you don’t have to fill, maintain, or pay fees to rent? S Vending Solutions hits the sweet spot with modern, high-quality vending machines that provide your crew with easily purchased food—and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

S Vending Solutions acts as your right hand, taking care of providing food and drink offerings for you. Your business, school, or facility gains the benefit of easily accessible fuel, and you get the perk of no overhead costs through our vending machine service offerings.

S Vending Solutions will set up your selected vending machine in the perfect spot, keep it stocked, and share a portion of the profit! What could be better than keeping people satisfied and full without having to take on extra work? Whether you’re looking to just have handy snacks or want a machine capable of stocking meal options, SVS has a wide selection to make eating convenient!

Soda, Sport and Energy Drinks

No matter what your team is craving, our beverage vending machines provide extensive options that will keep them satisfied all day and night.


With the ability to stock a wide variety of brands and drink types, we can customize the inventory so that the machines carry only what your staff and customers are interested in.

Coffee & Water

Want an energy boost that’s more convenient than driving to a local cafe but tastes better than a burnt pot of old coffee? Our coffee machine options will keep people caffeinated and warm without wasting time leaving the office. SVS will keep it maintained and ensure your team never runs out.


While caffeine is always a favorite, staying hydrated is important too. It’s easy to do with one of our refillable water coolers. Cold, refreshing water is sure to hit the spot during a busy afternoon, and hot water for tea or hot chocolate will keep everyone warm on a winter day.


Our coffee and water options are eco-friendly, reducing waste while keeping your team hydrated and focused.


Our snack machines are guaranteed to satisfy every craving, from candy to chips to cold sandwiches and more! With conveniences like mobile payment and guaranteed purchases with iVend technology, these machines are the definition of easy.

Cold & Frozen Foods

Looking to provide drinks, snacks, and cold lunch options all in one place? Our hybrid machines will meet all your needs, and keep your whole crew happy.

Vending Service to the Rescue

Providing options for snacks, drinks, and lunch is convenient with SVS—we treat each customer the way they deserve. Our priority is providing excellent customer service and communication paired with high-quality vending machines and inventory throughout the Nashville area.

What Are The Benefits To Vending?

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